Maya Reef (Maja Vujosevic) is a young artist of photography. Maya’s portfolio is characterized by the spontaneity of the situations she depicts, by portraits that are never still but rather moving and often unexpected to the photographed ones, and by a peculiar warmth that is actually nothing but her own transferred onto the photographs. In 2010, she begins exploring with a camera along the sunny island of Cyprus, sharing her work with friends and in galleries. Upon leaving for a long-term travel in Asia, Maya develops a singular synergy between the places she travelled, photography and her own experience as a photographer that is in reaction to its surroundings. Since 2012, she created a wide collection of photographs that each hold a unique moment, a true story. Maya’s photography is about cultural diversity, freedom of expressing one true identity, contrasts of the world and more generally about people, nature, what is extra-ordinary. Maya is still travelling and exploring the answers to the questions her work challenges.


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